Rise of the Runelords

The First Battle

Thori recognized the chant. It is one he has heard many times before. Liike his nightmare coming into the world from the deepest recesses of his mind. Hearing the screams of women and children only reminded Thori of what had befallen his own community. But, this time was different. This time he was present and armed. The goblins picked a bad day to raid Sandpoint, and even though he owed this town nothing, for Torag and for his family, he would stand with these people and defend them. Each woman crying for help was his sister, and every man fighting for his life was his brother. He had failed them once, but not this time.

Thori looked at his brother Bori with a knowing nod. And what followed after was a whistling sound in the air, as Thori unleashed his Dorn-Dergar, the chain weapon of dwarves who seek vengeance. It is said the chain sings, to call the foes of dwarves out to fight. It screams with anger over injustice done to family. It will be the last sound these goblins will hear. Thori shouted, “Goblins brother! Today we send them to the grave, where our ancestors can kill them again!”


Bori hefted his bill. “AYE!” He yelled to his brother. “Tis o’ goot day fer killin! Let de bastards come!” He yells out in the goblin tongue, “COME TO US SCUM! COME AND FEEL THE PAIN! TODAY YOU GET A TASTE OF DWARVEN VENGEANCE!” His long weapon flashes in the torchlight and comes around red and dripping. He cared not about the denizens of this town. All he wanted was revenge. It was a bitter cup of ale, and today he would drink deeply of it.

The First Battle

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