Rise of the Runelords

Somewhere, a long time ago....

We glimpse a time long past

Six figures sit around a table.

“Is he even coming?”

“That bastard, I bet this is some kind of trick…”

As though responding to his words, a man enters the room. He is clad in green robes and carries a staff-like weapon. He enters the room silently and surveys the figure seated around him. Like he, they represent the most powerful members of his society. A society that now is at risk.

“An event is coming. An event that will cause the fall of everything we know. All will be washed away in fire and flood and our kingdom will be no more.” His face does not tell if this troubles or excites him.

“I, for one, don’t intend for my story to end here. It is well within the reach of each of us to protect ourselves against this cataclysm and re-emerge at a time when it is safer. And at that time, Thassilon will be reborn.”



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