Rise of the Runelords

Firstbloom - The Dawn of Spring

Hope springs anew...

During the spring season, the people of many smaller communities dedicate festivities and meals to Gozreh, in hopes that he will bring about favorable rain for plentiful crops.

If anyone is from Sandpoint, describe how your character might celebrate or observe Firstbloom.


Thori wasn’t from Sandpoint, but from time to time he would enter the town to do some local trading of materials in exchange for goods such as flour, wheat, and barley. During this time of year, his wife Brianna would come with him to see the festival. They enjoyed this time of year, because the scents in the air smelt of promise and life.

They would buy a wreathe from a sandpoint festival vendor and tease each other about being the King and Queen of Stonecrag .Thori, with a wink in his eye, would always say the garland was “good for planting and promise.” This was a not so subtle hint that later that night they would be participating in the other part of the festival, which was to partake in the creation of little ones.

This year, Thori is coming to Sandpoint for a different reason, and the festival was not on his mind. When he realized it was that time of year again, he felt loss and sorrow instead of the joy in his past. Every scent reminds him of his wife, and the laughing children only remind him that he has none of his own to teach and raise.

Firstbloom - The Dawn of Spring

Great work, markh3rd!

Firstbloom - The Dawn of Spring

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