Grippli Bat Shaman


Krraar grew up in the Mushfens, southeast of Sandpoint. As a member of the Far Croak Tribe, Krraar dutifully followed the laws of the tribe, and listened when Tribe Mother RakRakRak spoke. For 13 years, Krraar participated in the yearly Moth Hunt, helped care for tadlets in the vernal pools, and did not approach any visitors.

When a colony of dire bats flew over the village in a migration, Krraar discovered a fallen young bat, too weak to continue the long flight to the roost. Choosing to save the young dire bat, against the wishes of the Tribe Mother, meant that Krraar was banished for one month from the tribal land. Insect catching for both Krraar and BuuCruck (Silent Teeth) took up most of the month, but by the end the dire bat was as healthy and strong as the newly formed bond between the two.

On arriving back at the village, Krraar discovered the vernal pools filled with mud, tadlet bodies squished in the giant footprints of Marsh Giants. With the village destroyed, no living bodies to be found, Krraar decided to strike out towards the nearest trading outpost on the edge of the Mushfens. In Wartle, the demise of the Far Croak tribe is a shock, but Krraar learns of a possible Giant Hunt to take place in Sandpoint. Sandpoint will be the beginning of Krraar’s Revenge!


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