Rise of the Runelords

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Discussion was about planned races and classes. We will have 3 dwarves, a half-elf, a grimli (frog race), and possible a kitsune (fox race). Races are pretty open but no evil races, no made up races. All approvals per Matt before final.

For classes we have:
1. Stonelord
2. Cleric/Fighter/Holy Vindicator
3. Barbarian/Fighter/Rogue
4. Arcane Archer (with some wizard and fighter)
5. Druid (Bat Shaman)
6. EIther a Wizard or Sorceror

Stonelord skills focus is Perception and Sense Motive with a dip in knowledge Nobility.
Cleric skills is Knowledge Religion, Diplomacy, and Linguistics.
Not sure about other classes skill focus yet, but trying to get most covered by someone.

We also discussed gear, Matt will be flexible with what is found if no one wants it or can use it. Items can be purchased from cities but pricier items may need a trip to a large city to find. (No +5 Vorpal Dwarven Axes in Sandpoint!) Matt has final say on what is found or allowed.

Overall, we will potentially be hitting level 20 by the end, and Mythic Tiers will be spaced out over the story, Matt will be working on what seems appropriate power wise. We will not be starting at Mythic levels.

Bring on the Adventure!

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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